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Best Values!

New 6-Pack Multi-Color Set of "Double" Sock Locks @ $21.00 ($3.50/pack)
(10 per pack) 1 pack each: Purple, Lime, Blue, Light Pink, Yellow and either Hot Pink or Red

6 packs of double in 6 colors (2165 bytes)
New Box (36 Packs) of Double Sock-Locks @ $90 (2.50/pack)
Each box contains 36 packages: 6 packages each of color shown below. Each pack contains 10 locks.

Purple Purple Double Sock-Lock Lime Lime Double  LOK-A-SOK Sock-Lock Blue Blue Double  LOK-A-SOK Sock-Lock

Light Pink Pink Double LOK-A-SOK Sock-Lock Yellow Yellow Double LOK-A-SOK Sock-Lock Red Red Double LOK-A-SOK
12 Mixed Packs of Single and Double Sock-Locks @ $42.00/dz,($3.50/pack)- Assrt. Colors

Each pack contains one color, 16 single locks and 4 double locks more info. Order will include 4 colors.
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"Double"  Sock-Locks for thick socks - 10 per pack @ $4.69/pk  Doubles Packs of Sock-Locks- in 6 Colors
Light Pink Double Locks $4.69
Light Pink Double  LOK-A-SOK Sock-Lock(10 per pack)
Yellow Double Locks $4.69
Yellow Double LOK-A-SOK Sock-Lock(10 per pack)
Red Double Locks $4.69
Red Double LOK-A-SOK Sock-Lock(10 per pack)
Purple Double Sock-Locks $4.69
Purple Double  LOK-A-SOK Sock-Lock(10 per pack)
Lime Double Locks $4.69
Lime Double  LOK-A-SOK Sock-Lock(10 per pack)
Blue Double Locks $4.69
Blue Double  LOK-A-SOK Sock-Lock(10 per pack)
Mixed Packs of Sock-Locks -  @ $4.00/pack - 16 single,  4 double
Red Mixed Packs of Sock-Locks  $4.00 Red Single Sock-Lock 16 single Red Double Sock-Lock 4 double
Blue Mixed Packs of Sock-Locks  $4.00 Blue Single Sock-Lock 16 single Blue Double  LOK-A-SOK Sock-Lock4 double
Orange Mixed Packs of Sock-Locks  $4.00 Orange Single Sock-Lock 16 single Orange Double Sock-Lock 4 double
Pink Mixed Packs of Sock-Locks  $4.00 Pink Single Sock-Lock 16 single Pink Double Sock-Lock4 double
White Mixed Packs of Sock-Locks  $4.00 White Single Single Sock-Lock16 single smwhiteD.jpg (4402 bytes)4 double
Lime Mixed Packs of Sock-Locks  $4.00 Lime Sock-Lock 16 singleLime Double  LOK-A-SOK Sock-Lock4 double

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